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Skin Therapy

Skin Therapy

Understand and love the skin you are in and the products you are using. You have only one skin to last you a life time. It reflects how you look and feel on the inside. Regular facial treatments keep our skin looking and feeling beautiful. They also give us the time to enjoy the present moment while restoring our energy and calming our mind. Achieve the visible results your skin deserves with the correct skin care regime and treatment program. Needless to say if you look good and feel great, you rejuvenate your skin, mind, and body. Good skin sense and the choices you make today will determine how ageless your skin looks in the future. Book your skin consultation today and get ready to put your best face forward with a customised skin therapy that is right for you.

Skin Consultation - ( 45mins ) $50
Essential Facial Treatments - ( 75mins ) $95

Specialised Facials

Power Step Treatments
For those skins with specific, persistent concerns ( such as age management ) that require more intensive treatments. Packages are available for all specialised treatments on request.

Anti-Ageing Prevention - ( 75mins ) $120
O2 Oxygen Infusion plus Vitamin A - ( 90mins ) $130
Stem Cell Treatment - ( 75mins ) $120
Radiant Glow Vitamin C - ( 90mins ) $130 / Course of 4 prepaid $520 - Receives a 5th treatment free

Performance Facials

We offer a wide and varied selection of professional treatments to treat all skins. Treatments can be performed as a one-off treatment. Superior results will be achieved when following a prescribed course of treatments suited to your individual needs. It is important to combine regular maintenance treatments, with the correct skin care products and regime at home.

These treatments combine the infinite benefits of seaweed and powerful plant extracts with the hydrating, stimulating and firming properties of the modelling mask. This assists in the battle against premature ageing and skin deterioration.

Ultimate Vine Secret - ( 1 hr 45mins ) $160
Age Correction Therapy - ( 90mins ) $150
Hydrating Chocolate Indulgence - ( 90mins ) $140

Advanced Skin Therapies

CIT- Collagen Induction Therapy - ( 90mins ) $250 / Course of 3 $700

Professional Skin Peels

Microdermabrasion - ( 45mins ) $75 / ( 90mins ) $130 / Course of 6 prepaid -$615 ( receive the 7th treatment free )
Enzyme Therapy - ( 40mins ) $50 / Course of 6 prepaid $300 Includes a bonus home care product.